The Objective of "Senior Simulator" Set and How to Use It
1. The Objective
Through experiencing "Quasi-elderly" physical conditions and bodily functions by yourself, you can understand what the elderly people really feel like and discomfort physical conditions they are put in. This will serve to realize "Rich and Well-being" Elderly Society.
(1) To know the elderly with individuality through this experience
(2) To think about anything the elderly would feel and are put in inconvenient physical situation as if you yourself are the elderly
(3) To study how to adequately comply with the elderly by yourself
(4) To think about the way you may contribute to develop a stable and rich Longevity Society
(5) To review your image of the elderly through this experience
(6) To carry out whatever you could do and must do in pursuit of "Well-being"Elderly Society
2. How to Use It
[For better understanding and reviewing recognition of the elderly and setting up necessary programs of education and training for the staff]
(1) To bring up and educate necessary man-power for nursing and caring of the elderly (nurse, care staff, etc.)
(2) To educate students for better understanding of the elderly and the aged society.
(3) To utilize this experience for training of those who take care of the elderly and for building up communication networks among the community concerned.
[For developing and designing welfare equipments to be used by the elderly]
(1) Fittings for the housing
(2) Household utensils
(3) Electric instruments and proper usage of them
(4) Instruments for tele-communications and proper usage of them, other kind of communication media inclusive
[For developing and designing buildings of institution for the elderly]
(1) Hospital and Medical Institution.
(2) Housing
(3) Bank and Postal Office
(4) Super-market and Shop
(5) Vehicle
(6) Arranging necessary infrastructures for better living and dwelling environment
(1) For training and reviewing of the method to be properly taken in case of emergency and of escaping foreseeable accident for the elderly
(2) To see whether any inconvenience to the elderly would be found in such public places or premises as station, airport, park and place for holding events
(3) To better understand the elderly through attending such events as health promotion and welfare activities
(4) To educate the person in charge of Traffic Safety Administration and to review traffic means in order to prevent any possible traffic accident to the elderly
3. Examples of how "URASHIMA TARO" Set has been utilized
* During 1993 and 2000, more than 210,000 people participated in this "Quasi-elderly" simulation program
* At various seminars for the citizen on health, welfare, medical treatment and health care, this Senior Simulation program is actively utilized
(1) Seminar for applicant for home-helper
(2) Seminar for nurse at health center and for medical doctor
(3) Seminar for visiting nurse
(4) Seminar for nurse at medical institution and hospital
(5) Staff training at special nursing home for the elderly
(6) Seminar for Home Care held at "Elderly Home Service Center"
(7) Health Forum held by municipalities
(8) Seminar for "Zero-Bedridden Elderly"
(9) Welfare Event(Festival) or seminar held in the community
(10) Education for parent-and-child on the disabled and handicapped
(11) Seminar on Longevity Society
(12) Seminar on community care
* For experimental development of life-related goods and commodities for the elderly, this simulation program is utilized
(1) Drilling for escaping accident and preventing disaster held at the Community Disaster Prevention Center
(2) Checking up and studying of the housing of the elderly (Jutaku Kyokyu Kosha/Jutaku Kodan)
(3) Checking up and studying of the fittings in the housing of the elderly(bathroom, kitchen)
(4) Developing household utensils and equipments produced by the firms associated with Tokyo Gas Co. and Osaka Gas Co.
* Utilizing at the internal staff seminar
(1) Staff seminar held by superstores
(2) Internal staff seminar held by Tokyo Gas Co.
(3) Seminar for staff of beauty treatment of cosmetic goods manufacturer
(4) Seminar for sales agents of Non-life Insurance Co.
(5) Staff training and seminar for health care at shops of CO-OP
(6) Staff training at educational institutions for nursing and welfare
* Utilizing at exhibition or trade fair by securing a booth for Senior Simulation
(1) HCR(International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition) (every year since 1993)
(2) Silver Service Exhibition
(3) SKY Festival
(4) Convention of Health Service Facilities for the elderly
(6) Fittings and Equipments of housing Exhibition
* In deciding judgment of BL Mark by Better-Living Association, this simulation program is utilized